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July Favorites – Engineered Elegance

Engineered Elegance

July Favorites

July Favorites

July has seriously flown right by me. I swear it was the Fourth of July just last weekend. I’m finally settling into the new apartment and spending all my spare time working on my dresser DIY (post coming soon), so I haven’t been testing too many new products. But the handful of favorites I have this month are long-time favorites that I’ve fallen back on with my busy schedule.


This eyeshadow palette from Elf is my go-to for a quick work look. The quality on this palette is impressive and compares to some of my more expensive shadows. Mattes are notoriously the hardest eyeshadow formula to get right and these shadows are pigmented but easily blendable with only a little bit of fall-out on the darker shades. For $10 you cannot get a better deal on an every-day matte palette. The colors skew warm, except for that rogue grey shade towards the end that I’ve never used. The first shadow is my absolute favorite base, whether I plan on adding more color on top or just want some powder on my lids to prevent my mascara from transferring. I’ve clearly hit pan on it and have been contemplating buying a whole new palette just to get more of that shadow.


Everyone and their mother is always telling you how important sunscreen is (and they’re right). The Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 has been my favorite face sunscreen for about a year now. This is a physical sunscreen infused with the classic Josie Maran argan oil. This is a bit more oily than I typically prefer my moisturizers to be so I don’t usually wear this to work since I’m just sitting in the office all day. But when I get home from work I always put this on before going out for my run. Even with the intense sweating that usually happens during summer runs this sunscreen has never once stung my eyes or given me a white cast. And I’ve worn this plenty of weekends as my main moisturizer and I always end up forgetting that I’m not wearing my usual face moisturizer.


I am definitely that last to get on The Ordinary bandwagon but I was waiting to place my order until the glycolic acid toner came back in stock and it finally did last month. An in-depth review will be coming after I’ve had a few more weeks of testing, but this peel has already become a favorite. It’s a peeling treatment that the bottle severely warns against leaving on your face for longer than 10 minutes. I was a little hesitant to use this product at first, worried that it would irritate my more sensitive skin. But I have had zero issues and I am loving how smooth and glowing my skin looks after using.


I’ve found my usual favorite perfumes a little too strong for the workplace and have instead been loving these subtle fragrances from Clean. I got them in a gift set from Sephora a while back and Skin and Blossom have been by favorites as of late. The tiny rollerballs are perfect for keeping in my purse–because I never remember to apply perfume before running out the door for work in the morning.


I was hesitant to share this beauty favorite of mine because it’s no longer being produced (please bring it back Maybelline!). The Maybelline Define-A-Lash waterproof mascara has been my absolute favorite for years now. It separates my lashes like no other mascara I’ve every tried and holds a curl on my infuriatingly straight lashes. And it is almost irritatingly waterproof. I’ve worn this through many a rainy cross country meet with zero smudging. I’ve given up trying to take this off at the end of the day and instead embraced that this mascara is somehow able to look just as good the next morning as it did when I first applied it. And it layers like a dream. I usually get it off my lashes about once a week when I take a longer shower and the steam loosens it enough to wipe off. And then Maybelline had to go and discontinue this fantastic mascara. I tried to find a replacement but after over a year of hunting I was getting fed up with all the sub-par mascaras. And then I had the brilliant idea of buying some (unopened) packages from Ebay. And it has been the best thing every to be reunited after such a long hiatus.

Another favorite of mine this month has been the Lobe Wonder earring support patches. These are small clear “stickers” that you can stick onto the back of your earlobe over an earring hole that is stretched or torn. My one ear piercing ripped a little bit when I was younger and is now more of a slit than a hole. I never used to notice this but now all I can see is that my one earring sits much closer to the bottom of my lobe than the piercing on the other ear. I stick one of these patches to the back of my earlobe over the torn hole and then the earring post is held up by the sticker rather than at the bottom of the piercing hole. The stickers are sturdy and sticky enough that they easily hold up even heavy earrings. The stickers are also clear so if anyone somehow manages to see the back of your earlobe they wouldn’t be able to tell anything is there. These patches are a really easy fix and pretty inexpensive. If you’ve got torn (or even completely ripped through!) piercing I would highly recommend checking out these patches.

My food favorite this month has been LĂ„RABARs. I’ve been eating these most days at work for a snack; my favorites are the cherry pie and apple pie flavors. I really love that the only ingredients in these bars are fruits and nuts (and sometimes spices). There’s no added sugar, preservatives, or things you can’t pronounce. I usually pick these up at the grocery store when they’re on sale.

There has been a lot of Netflix watching during July and I’ve finished an embarrassing number of shows. iZombie season three was added earlier in the month; I’ve been watching since the first season come on Netflix and I quite enjoy it. iZombie is directed by Rob Thomas and features his typical snarky female lead– it’s like Veronica Mars meets the zombie genre. And because I blew through all 13 of those episodes in about a week I fell back on Grey’s Anatomy for the rest of July. I am definitely the only person who hasn’t been watching Grey’s for the last ten years. I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea at all since I tend to watch only crime and sci-fy shows. But my roommates in college all watched it and one day I couldn’t find anything else to watch on Netflix. I’ve been hooked every since. If you’re one of the two people left who’ve never seen Grey’s, its your typical medical drama except every episode something excessively sad and dramatic happens. An episode where you don’t need copious amounts of tissues is rare. I’ve been working my way through all 13 season on-and-off now for about three years. I somehow watched the last three seasons this month and now I am waiting impatiently for the fourteenth season to premier this fall.

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